Hi, I’m Lina and this is Mo. We do imperfect around here and that’s ok. Cuddles over a clean floor, and always tickle time before making the bed.

But we also do business, and when we get working, we get working.

Here you’ll find interviews with some amazing parent-preneurs that are kicking ass and taking names in their fields. We talk strategies, balance and everything in between.

ParentPreneur Interview with Amanda Hines

This time on the ParentPreneur show, Amanda and I talk about speaking your truth, whats it means to implement structure in your business as a creative and being a mum of two under two soon. You can find Amanda on her website at http://amandahines.com or her FB biz...

ParentPreneur Interview with Tanya Patxot

In our chat, Tanya and I talk about being a mother and an entrepreneur, what's working for her in managing her home life and her business and what it means to have made the choice to have a family. Tanya doesn't mince words and gives us some gold nuggets to take away....