If you want clarity on your online
marketing activities,to understand
how your social media fits into it all,
and how to monetize your website in a non slimy way,

You’re in the right place.

Business Paralysis is not fun!

I’ve heard it all – “I want to bang my head against the wall, why is this so F&^%ing complicated?” and “This computer is lucky it was expensive or else it would be getting thrown against the wall” and my personal favourite “I will pay you a million dollars to help me right now”. It won’t take a million dollars I promise!

I know the feeling because I was there so many years ago crying every time I had to post on my business page, or had to think about how to bring in more clients (paying ones AHEM), or opened up WordPress and tried to start my blog. I used to read every post in every Facebook group, download every freebie and take every course I could afford, hoping to get the magic answer.

And don’t even get me started on my website. I think I cried for 6 months before I gave up in shame and went to Wix. Please don’t pull a me. I want to help you. And for the love of rainbows and skittles please don’t go to Wix!

You, your business and your website deserve more.

With over 8 years experience in building and scaling a business, putting together kick ass websites and perusing every resource out there, not to mention a technological toolkit that would scare the most seasoned hoarder, I got your back.

I love information and I have lots of it. Let me be the shortcut to a business that makes you cry with happiness not misery, and the perfect website in the perfect supporting role.

No more guessing on how to navigate the endless ocean of information out there.
No more wondering if you picked the right theme or plugins.
No more trying to Google for help, because I’m just an email away.



A choice to quiet that little voice in your head that says “This should be easier”, to build your site on a platform that will help your business not hinder it, and most importantly make that pit in your stomach go away …. you know the one …. the one that comes with sweaty palms and dry mouth, and not the good kind of adrenaline, the kind of adrenaline that comes from spinning your wheels on the same thing for hours that you know should, and should, take 5 minutes if only it wasn’t for the conflicting, non specific information out there that was definetly not written to answer your Qs.


In the beginning, this company was all about helping entrepreneurs navigate their website after seeing countless people get over charged and under served by some (not all) designers and developers and left with a website and branding they hated and had to re-do anyways. Then as we grew, the questions about other things related to your website and online business were too loud to ignore. AND THEN …. I had a kid. So not only was the lack of foundational information glaring at me (or not glaring, cause if it isn’t there how can it glare?? Mignight musings…) begging to have something done about it, now the lack of support for new parents that also run a business online or want to start, was another thorn in my side. So now we talk about it all. How everything integrates into your business. How to take your website, make it freaking awesome then incorporate all of those used to be confusing bits, like social media, SEO, SEM and more, into it and kick ass. How to get yourself set up for kids, or how to get yourself organized and back on track if you couldn’t think of anything besides ice cream and pickles during your pregnancy and didn’t automate your business for when babe came along. 

Everything I do is based on the premise that when building a business you should have an understanding of how it all works (in plain terms cause the whoseits they talk about, is huh?) and if you want to, to be able to put it all together yourself. Or at least sound intelligent enough about it to not get ripped off when you hire someone. 

I help entrepreneurs, big and small, build and maintain fluff free businesses that give them the results they need to grow and expand.

Your business should work for you, not against you. It’s about understanding how you’re going to use the tools available to move your business forward. How your clients will use your website to take the actions you need them to take so you get the results you want. How to best serve yourself and your family while serving your customer and keeping your sanity. That is what this is all about.

Your business should scream “This is me world!”

Savage Media Ventures is about:


– Giving you the tools to start your business on the right path, be able to look within and create a house on the internet, aka “your online presence”, that is representative of your greatness and all that you’re capable of.


– Understanding the needs of your customers and how that affects your business and your marketing efforts, so that you can effectively use your website and online presence to connect with them and be the one that fulfills their needs.


– Getting you results from your website, social media and blogging efforts, because why are you doing this if not to get results?


I’m a goof ball … I never got to be a child when I was one, so I act like one now sometimes … plus my daughter still thinks I’m the funniest thing on the planet, so I’m taking advantage of it while I can. I laugh, a lot. I have horrible jokes, which I try to write into my copy … Oh just you wait and see, or read. I am a mom so I have Dory brain sometimes. I had something really good to say here, that’s why I stopped everything to write this but then I forgot … see?!? Nope, still can’t remember … anywho … continue on 🙂 And I will take Honey JD bribes, sorry not sorry.

I built my first website all by hand, painstaking line of code after painstaking line of code, for a junior high project. It was about faeries and it was beautiful.

My next website was built for my previous business of 15 years. I was also one of the first on Facebook to have a business page (claim to fame haha). I ran a lifestyle blog with a friend about fashion and art in the city here, as well as co-run a fashion and art group where we went to different events and art shows as a group and took in what our city had to offer.

I had a photography business for a few years where I took pictures for people who owned vintage, antique and all around beautiful cars.

To fall into the web and graphic design space came naturally as I was always designing posters, business cards and all sorts of marketing materials for our own businesses as well as others.

Read More About Me

I grew in Romania where entrepreneurship is not something I had ever heard of. My parents worked for the biggest bank in the country and we had a lot of perks that came with it, but they were jobs still at the end of the day. I was taught how to do girly things, like cook and clean and keep house, which was fine, but I was an artist and a dreamer in a family of workers, which left much to be desired.

We moved to Canada in ’97 and I kinda took off on my own, doing my own thing … much like I had done until then, so I guess not much changed.

I graduated SAIT with three Degrees, all of them to do with business and computers.

Before my 16th birthday I started a jewelry business, which I operated for almost 15 years in conjunction to going to school part time and working full time. It was great fun, I got to meet some amazing people and was even published for my design work in some awesome local magazines. Since having started to work with my husband four years ago, that business has turned more into a well loved hobby.

I worked with my husband first in his business, and now growing it and making it our own, and adding new branches to it. We’re having a lot of fun along the way and learning tones about ourselves and each other. We’ve even recently taken on a new apprentice whom for the last 23 months has been a constant at our feet every step along the way.

If you want to know how to work with your significant other without one of you ending up in jail or sleeping on the couch, I have some tips for you there as well!

So this is about you.

Your business, your website and how you show up in the world.

Your business should show your passion and what you can do.

So stop settling for half-assed and let’s get to it.